About Us

A Formula for Success

TSI Consulting, LLC, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a management and engineering firm with a core focus on providing management, design and installation solutions to energy, industry, government and commercial organizations. Our mission is to deliver high-quality solutions that address the critical financial, operational, and strategic needs of organizations.

With  a comprehensive understanding of advanced strategy and management, TSI Consulting helps clients by providing customized, lasting solutions that not only address their immediate needs, but also provide cost-effective paths to achieving their strategic goals. We strive to meet the highest professional and industry standards and to provide optimal client satisfaction while delivering solutions in Design, Installation, Project Management and Program Management.

TSI Consulting’s key differentiators from most other companies in our industry include:

  • Core focus on innovative and leading-edge management and installation consulting services
  • Customized, effective, right-fit solutions with proper balance of technical and analytical talent
  • Customer access to an array of contract vehicles to suit their specific consulting and other service requirements and demands
  • Competitive rate structure that creates real value for our customers
  • Robust and diverse current and past performances with energy, industry, government and commercial entities
  • Emphasis on quality assurance, earned value, technical experience, process, customer service, corporate responsibility, and community outreach