Corporate Overview

Technical Know-How. Strategic Perspective.

TSI Consulting, LLC is a management and engineering firm with a core focus on providing management consulting, engineering and installation solutions to energy, industry, government and commercial organizations. With a comprehensive understanding of technology solutions as well as advanced strategy and management, TSI Consulting helps clients by providing customized, lasting solutions that not only address their immediate needs, but also provide cost-effective paths to achieving their strategic goals. We strive to meet the highest professional and industry standards and to provide optimal client satisfaction while delivering Program & Project Management solutions, as well as Design and Installation solutions.

At TSI Consulting, we have significant expertise in the technical dimensions of the challenges facing our clients and in developing and implementing solutions that are based on industry best practices. Our highly skilled professionals have the experience, education, and ingenuity necessary to design and implement a technical solution that responds to our clients’ issues.

What makes us unique, however, is that in addition to this technical perspective, we also have a strategic understanding of the financial, operational, organizational, and other constraints that are primary factors in our clients’ challenges. In addition, we employ a more realistic approach to creating engagement teams based on our long experience in the industry. As a result, we are able to provide our clients with customized, effective, right-fit solutions.

The practical effect of this process-based approach is that our recommendations help clients better allocate their resources according to the challenges they face while saving significantly on cost, thus allowing them to pursue other important objectives through increased effectiveness and efficiency.