Value-Added Services

TSI Consulting designs solutions to meet the requirements of our Clientele, to enable us to provide a solution that creates Value for their organization.  Our Installation Solutions are comprised of a large number of Value-added Services, designed to provide the right solutions to meet your technical and budget requirements:

Site Audit Analysis
An audit analysis from TSI Consulting is an indispensable tool to verify the integrity of your equipment and avoid unplanned outages. Audits leverage your existing equipment investments and identify maintenance issues before they become critical—and costly—problems. Using our advanced auditing, testing and verification procedures we can maintain the performance of your installation base, check your equipment’s compliance with recommended operational standards and determine if your installed equipment is performing optimally. Following our audit we deliver a comprehensive status report, along with an executive overview of results and our expert summary of recommendations.

Consulting and Special Projects
Plan for success. Whether you are about to take on a simple replacement, expansion of the existing system, a complete retrofit, a new equipment installation, or other special projects, our experts give you the planning advantage to start your project right. With deep technical expertise backed by extensive knowledge combined with proven experience in equipment installations, our consultants can ensure your project incorporates the proven best practices and technical efficiencies it needs to run smoothly. Along with the expertise to deliver special projects and custom plans, we offer flexible scope and pricing packages tailor-made to fit your unique needs.

Flexible Installation Services On Your Schedule
When you need equipment installed, and up and running immediately, we can schedule rush installations to meet your needs. Our flexible scheduling services can install any new or upgraded equipment either during or after normal business hours. We only consider the installation complete when the equipment is in place and working properly. Whenever you purchase our installation service for equipment that is not a direct replacement, we automatically include project management and status reporting to help you stay in control of the project.

Site Survey Plans for Success
Our Site Survey service ensures your installation proceeds smoothly. A pre-installation checklist identifies any issues before work begins so we can plan around them. With a Site Survey we know ahead of time exactly what you need for a successful installation, including details like optimum installation location, equipment selection, cable/conduit routing, potential modification requirements, as well as possible installation difficulties.

Post-Installation Maintenance Services
Once the installation is completed and the equipment is operational, TSI Consulting does not consider the relationship with the customer complete. We offer an entire range of maintenance and support services to ensure the long-term operation and performance of your equipment, including the equipment we may not have installed. We want to ensure that you are receiving the value your equipment is supposed to provide, over its entire lifecycle. Our maintenance services include complete checkouts, including verification of all the connected components. An added benefit is early detection of potential serious equipment failures, to allow for proper planning of equipment replacement, avoiding unplanned system outages.

Custom and Unique Applications are Our Specialty
Should you have an application that is custom or unique, TSI Consulting has the experience to deliver the correct solution, the first time. We have a proven track record of implementing solutions for installations requiring “Out-of-the-Box” thinking. We have often been called in to provide solutions to problems that other firms have tried to solve, but could not provide the correct solution. Whether the issue is a single parameter on one piece of equipment just never functioning correctly or the entire installation having issues since first installed, we pride ourselves on determining the source of the issue and providing a correct, permanent, and cost-effective solution.

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