Quality Assurance Audits

At TSI Consulting, we assign a Certified Program Manager to oversee and ensure the success of each of our Project Managers. The Program Manager oversees the daily activities of the Project Managers, which provides the support necessary to ensure that each Project Manager is ultimately successful in the completion of their project deliverables.

As an important part of our success, our Program Managers use our Program Management Quality Assurance checklists to formally audit our Project Managers, their projects, and their project management deliverables each week, to ensure that requisite project management quality and rigor are being maintained. At TSI Consulting, audits are not intended to function as tests but to provide opportunities for Program Managers to identify potential risk, to develop and maintain an intimate familiarity with the projects they are auditing and to collaborate with Project Managers on solutions to resolve issues.

As the loss or reassignment of a Project Manager during a project has a significant impact on its timeline and cost, our system of checks-and-balances allows our Program Managers to be so familiar with the projects they audit that they are able to take over a project if required without stalling or re-planning it. The predefined criteria in the checklists are aligned to project phases, and each phase-specific checklist includes well over 100 items, all of which have been carefully developed to ensure that they are objective and measurable.

As part of our Quality Assurance process, Program Managers require Project Managers to make any corrections to failed audit points during their audits, ensuring that project management deliverables are correct, always published on time, and always at the same high level of quality. Our Quality Assurance audits provide a seamless safety net of qualified professionals, all trained in the same approach – at no additional cost to you.

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